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Rome & the Vatican

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Our first full day in Rome was scheduled to be spent in the Vatican. Well half of the day was spent admiring the amazing artefacts and works of art in the museum. I’m fairly certain by the end, as most visitors were, we were ‘vaticaned out’. Four hours wondering through the various galleries including the Sistine Chapel. This is my third visit and it still doesn’t cease to amaze. Mum required a neck massage half way through from constantly looking up at the incredible ceilings. Unfortunately, St Peter’s Basilica was closed from 1pm and would not open until the next afternoon, so we wondered over the Castel San Angelo. Not nearly as opulent of course as the Vatican but still an interesting place to visit with some great views from the top. Mum made it to top after a bit of encouragement and assistance but thought it was worthwhile. A bit of a test to see if she can make it up the Cupola of St Peters tomorrow…….

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Roaming in Rome

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What an introduction to Rome! Our train was late coming in, which wasn't too much of an issue - however we joined the taxi queue from the station only to have to wait nearly an hour as taxis dribbled into the taxi area. By the end each taxi was being applauded as they turned the corner and stopped at the start of the queue. Once we finally got into our taxi, we found out what was going on. The entire city centre was closed to traffic and all buses and the metro were stopped due to a student protest. A great introduction to italian taxi driver skill as we skirted the city to get to our hotel. Honking horns, incredible manoeuvres - it felt as though we were with Robert Langdon in a Dan Brown novel, hurtling our way through the streets of Rome in search of the next symbol! After dinner, we walked to Piazza Navona to experience to great atmosphere with the buskers and the artists - and of course, got some night shots of the fountains and church.

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Venice – Light and Dark

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Like the lightness of the sparkling jewels in the Murano glass stores and the darkness of the San Marco Basilica, the weather over the last 36 hours was both magic (for a short time) and cold, cloudy with a touch of rain. What does one do when the cloud sets in? Turns her photos into Black and White! Visited the Basilica with it’s incredible mosaics, where the sign at the entrance was priceless – “No photo. No video. No cell. No Selfie”! That didn’t stop a couple of chinese women in possession of their Samsungs.

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Venice – what an entrance

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Couldn’t believe that the cruise ship sailed right past San Marco! I kept saying sorry in my head to all those people down on the ground, trying to take a nice shot across the lagoon only to have a big fat white cruise ship sail by! First afternoon in Venice spent at Murano and Burano. So much self control required at the jewellery shops! Spent the following morning wondering the streets and canals of Venice. I know it’s like Disneyland these days, but it’s still wonderful.

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The cruise ship crowds moved in slow waves – I almost heard the bleating of sheep (passengers) and the snapping at the heels of the kelpies, otherwise known as tour guides! A small hiccup this morning trying to find the tour guide, so I joined one angry American Asian in the hunt for her. I think I should have been the one to receive the tips as I held the sign while the real tour guide went to pick up our entry tickets to the Acropolis. The whole Acropolis site would be one pile of rocks if not for the many pieces of timber and concrete holding up key sections. Interesting however, and the view of Athens is terrific.

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